Q. What happens to my icon if the data in the server gets lost?
A. The information will be temporarily stored on the server during registration only. As soon as you finish registering the icon to the Home screen, all information in the server will be deleted. The information necessary for you to use your icon is stored in the terminal, so you don't have to worry about data in the server being erased.

Q. I want to turn off the confirmation dialog that appears every time I try to make a phone call. How can I do that?
A. Displaying a confirmation dialog is a feature that prevents users from making any unintended phone calls. You will not be able to turn off this dialog.

Q. Every time I touch the icon, Safari starts.
A. This application depends on the operation of Safari, so that is the specification.

Q. Why won't the registered function start even when I touch the icon?
A. The server may be down for maintenance or the connection may have been lost.